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High Volume Liposuction: Safer Today than Ever

What Is High Volume Liposuction?

Liposuction has been around since 1982, and in the twenty-five or so years that it has been used, it has not only grown in popularity as a way of shaping the body but also has evolved and become safer as new techniques and equipment have been produced. Slowly but surely, higher and higher volumes of fat have been found to be safe to remove in one session. This removal of a larger amount of fat in one liposuction session is called high volume liposuction.

High (or large) volume liposuction is defined as removing five or slightly more liters of fat in one session. Previously thought to be somewhat dangerous to the patient, new equipment and training techniques are now allowing doctors to remove this amount of fat in one session safely and with very few if any, side effects. New methods of liposuction now include tumescent, super-wet, ultrasonic, power-assisted and laser liposuction are the newest methods used by doctors for high volume fat removal.

Who Is A Good Candidate For High Volume Liposuction?

It is important to note that liposuction is not a substitute for diet and exercise. A potential patient must have used good lifestyle choices to achieve the maximum weight loss possible before getting liposuction. Some people are not good candidates for high volume liposuction because of health issues or by being too overweight. In cases of patients who are simply more than 100 pounds overweight need to lose weight first. All liposuction methods are for body sculpting purposes only, to remove those pockets of fat that resist any weight loss or exercise techniques.

High Volume Liposuction: Safer Today than Ever

Risk Factors In Case Of High Volume Liposuction

High volume liposuction has its risks because of the amount of fluid that is being removed from the body in one session. The doctor needs to be trained and experienced in this type of liposuction and the anesthesiologist needs to be well-versed in the technique as well in order to safely monitor the patient during the procedure. The new methods that have been developed are designed to assist the doctor to overcome the side effects of fluid removal.

When a person is interested in possibly getting high volume liposuction, they need to choose the doctor carefully. The one who has experience, training and is well-versed in the different techniques is the best choice. In addition to the trained anesthesiologist, there needs to be a well-trained support staff as well. Everyone involved in the liposuction should be ready for any possible problems.

It is also important that the patient is chosen carefully as well. Not all people are candidates for this type of liposuction. Morbidly obese people, diabetics, those with high blood pressure problems, and other health problems will be ruled out as candidates for high volume liposuction. Any doctor who is well-trained will never do high volume liposuction on this type of patient.

But many people who are in need of body reshaping will qualify for this procedure and will benefit tremendously from having the surgery done. If liposuction cost is not an inhibitory factor for you, you can have look at this procedure for body sculpting.  When done safely, high volume liposuction can produce nothing less than amazing results.

High Volume Liposuction: Safer Today than Ever  High Volume Liposuction: Safer Today than Ever

High Volume Liposuction: Safer Today than Ever

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