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Tummy Tuck Cost – How Much

The tuck cost is an aggregate of different costs which include the surgeon fee which may vary depending upon the level of specialty of the plastic surgeon, operation theater charges, anesthesiologist’s fee, fee for different types of pathology tests or x-ray tests etc if required, medicines which include pain medication and antibiotics for safe recovery.

Tummy Tuck Cost – How Much

The average tummy tuck cost price break down incurred on a normal level tummy tuck is as follows:

Average Surgeon Fee: $4, 500

Average Anesthesiologist Fee: $750

Average Operation Theatre and Recovery Room Facility Fee: $750

Average Medicine Charges and Test Fee: $250

Average Total Cost: $6,250

Now we quote some of the tummy tuck expenses paid by six different patients which will help you to get an idea of how much a Tummy Tuck Cost you:

Tummy Tuck Cost – How Much
S. Pikerski. – Los Angeles, CA – Price Paid = $6,250.00
L. Marcks. – Seattle, WA – Price Paid = $8,700.00
S. Christianson – Boston, MA – Price Paid = $9,100.00
M. Johnson – Miami, FL – Price Paid = $10,200.00
J. Baxter – San Diego, CA – Price Paid = $7,250.00

Tummy Tuck Cost depends a lot on the expertise of the plastic surgeon and the nature and size of the tummy tuck. Keep these things in mind the cost of a tummy tuck may vary from $3,700 to $6,500 which does not include the cost incurred on the operating facility provision and the anesthesia.



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